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At some point, you make the decision: I want to have my own website. You have an idea or a product that you feel should be published on the Web and you decide you will be the one to do it. Once the decision has been made, you now have to decide if you want to become a webmaster or hire someone else for the job.

How tough of a job is it to be a webmaster? A lot depends on the scope of your website. If you plan on publishing a small, static website with 10 or less pages, the skill level to become a webmaster is very low. If your ambitions are greater and you wish to become a professional webmaster who lives off the revenue of your site, you will be required to learn a far greater range of skills.

One of the benefits of learning to become a webmaster is that so much information regarding the skill is available on the Internet. You will not be required to buy any books, but you should be able to research using a search engine. The skills are constantly evolving so you need to be the type of person who always likes to learn new things.

This site provides the essentials ingredients which make up a website for the World Wide Web. All of these can be found for very low prices these days and usually you can have you website up and running in a matter of days


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